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"Like a rose", beauty is multiplied when you open the petals and show the world who you really are...each petal may be flawed and not quite perfect, but collectivelly they create even greater beauty.

It is the flaws that make each one of us perfectly  beautiful and unique.

My Story

BERNARDA (Bernie) ISLIC, owner of “The Quiet Corner”, is a professional Hairstylist, Colour Technician  Certified Meditation Facilitator and rtt therapist. Her care and enthusiasm for her work and love for beauty and life itself has won her a clientele of over 25 years.


My story began with a beautiful little doll named Angelina. Spending many hours playing with her hair, I developed a passion for hairstyling from a very young age and on.


In 1993 I began a career in the Beauty Industry. Working for some of the finest salons for almost 20 years and talking with clients, I realized there was a need for a different kind of studio…and so on a glorious spring day of 2007 “The Quiet Corner” was born and a haircut was not just a haircut anymore. I was finally able to give my clients a quiet escape from the busy world, a place in which they can relax and unwind.


After a few years of having my own salon there was still a longing to establish a deeper meaning to Beauty. In 2016 I started practicing Meditation, offering group and private sessions, as well as classes on Wellness incorporating Essential Oils and other Natural Products.

My curiosity and fascination with the human mind pushed me even further and in 2022 i became a certified rtt therapist, which helped me understand my clients even better and help them on their journey of self discovery, wholeness and beauty.


I am proud to say that through life's many twists, “The Quiet Corner” has become a home to a loyal clientele of many years. I look forward to continuing our journey together and am excited to grow my BEAUTY - FUL family.

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