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WELLNESS...a perfect balance of physical, mental and emotional well being.


Have you ever found yourself conflicted between who you really are deep within and the programming and expectations of those around you? 

Has this as a result left you feeling fragmented, unloved and unworthy?

At “The Quiet Corner” you are offered tools that will help you rediscover your authenticity, find some peace and calm in your daily routine and live the best version of your beautiful self.

Meditation is a practice of relaxation, deep connection with your inner self and expansion of self-awareness for the purpose of a stress-free, healthy and happy existence.

In our sessions of meditation, we work closely with therapeutic grade Essential Oils, which have been believed to be natures medicine to health since ancient times.

Balancing Rocks




Escape to tranquility

1 Hour Session                        $ 100


Consultation, Scalp Massage, Meditation, Aromatherapy

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